Sentences You Never Thought You'd See in the NEW YORK TIMES: “Fresh Evidence Of Suffering Among White Americans."
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The news continues to roll in about the rising number of white people killing themselves.

The phenomenon has some obvious causes.

First, whites aren't getting married and having families, which deprives them of much-needed emotional support.  Second, they've strayed from God and church.  Third, the economy is wretched, particularly for working-class whites.

Writing about a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics, reporter Sabrina Tavernise tells us that "the data analysis provided fresh evidence of suffering among white Americans."

This, from a media landscape that generally finds "suffering among white Americans" either unworthy of mention or something to celebrate.

But the bigger picture is that whites of all ages and classes live in a society in which they've been marked for destruction, politically, demographically, culturally and physically.

Wilmot Robertson, author of The Dispossessed Majority, said that "individual and group identity can be viewed as the backbone of the human psyche, an unbent vertebra of pride, behavior and character."

Multiracial America is breaking that back.


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