Send Us Your Tired, Your...Oh, The Hell With It: Mentally Ill African And Cameroonian Lesbians Granted Asylum
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Though not new, degenerates are increasingly entering the United States either fraudulently or illegally to gain asylum in the United States based on their criminal behavior and mental illness in their home country. Particularly, homosexuals and others with sex related mental illness, such as sexual mutilation practitioners, are streaming to the United States while white Christian home-schoolers are being deported.

First, mental illness is now grounds for asylum. Interestingly enough, it is because of backward behavior by black Muslims in Africa.

Courthouse News January 21, 2014 by Dan McCue

Mentally Ill African Granted U.S. Asylum

(CN) - A bipolar man who says he was repeatedly tortured in Tanzania, where mental illness is regarded as demon possession, may qualify for U.S. asylum, the 4th Circuit ruled.

Homeland Security had tried to deport Tumaini Temu back to Tanzania in 2010, four years after his temporary visa expired. In his application for asylum, withholding of removal and relief under the Convention Against Torture, Temu claimed that his mental illness put him in a persecuted social group in his home country.

Though an immigration judge and the Board of Immigration Appeals denied Temu's application, a divided three-judge panel of the Richmond, Va.-based federal appeals court reversed Thursday.

It is uncontested, according to the ruling, that the young man suffered a mental breakdown and was forced to withdraw during his final year at the University of Dar es Salaam after learning that his mother had been killed in an automobile accident.

Temu will never contribute to society here. He will be a ward of the taxpayer for scores of years and will inevitably become a danger to others. And there will be future victims of his mental illness, just as other immigrant groups are murdering their way across America, like the Hmong.

Note that despite being unemployed in Tanzania and having dropped out of a university, he was still issued a tourist visa by the Department of State.

Then we move on to another group of mentally ill aliens: homosexuals and those who sexually mutiliate themselves, often described as transsexuals.Sex is determined by genetics, so until you can change your chromosomes, you can't change your sex. But one can mutilate oneself which in ancient times was common, but in those days, they were called eunuchs.

Which brings us to the flood of homosexuals from all over the world to America.

SFGate February 1, 2014 by Kevin Fagan

Gay Refugees Find Shelter After Fleeing Hate In Homelands

In America, Carine can hold Gertrude's hand and not be beaten. It's amazing to them both.

On Market Street in San Francisco, they can push their baby in a stroller and not be spit upon for being witches or demons of sin - as lesbians are back in their home villages in Cameroon.

In that West African country, being convicted of homosexuality brings years of prison, just as it does in Uganda, Afghanistan and 74 other nations. That's why Carine and Gertrude have fled to America, as have an increasing number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people each year from countries including this month's Winter Olympics host, Russia.

They are the lucky ones who got away, but their freedom is not sealed. Not yet.

Gertrude, 34, made it out of Cameroon in July and was granted asylum in the United States in December. Carine, 30, managed to escape to San Francisco in November with their 1-year-old daughter, Eldine - but although Carine won asylum Tuesday, the baby's future is uncertain.

This is unusual. In asylum law, if one gains approval, the approval includes any dependents. The only explanation is that their "daughter," which could not have been conceived except for the participation of a male of the species, is not the actual daughter of either. Can someone say fraud here?

Cameroon is where Gertrude was raped and pounded into a coma several years ago by a band of men who guessed she was a lesbian. It's where a relative who was furious upon discovering the couple's homosexuality threatened to put Eldine up for adoption, and while pummeling Carine dropped the baby on her head, causing damage that doctors are still assessing.

Then they claim that they cannot go back, but are still keeping their surnames secret.

"None of us can go back, for so many reasons," said Carine, who like Gertrude did not want her last name used out of fear that government officials or antigay activists in Cameroon will target their families. "But I do not believe that will happen. I believe in God, I know we are not demons for our homosexuality, and I know we are lucky."

Strange, especially since they claim everyone there knows they are homosexuals and one appeared in a movie about her homosexuality.

After Gertrude was one of a cast of characters featured in a documentary about being part of the secretive LBGT community in Cameroon, she began receiving death threats and opted to stay in America in July while she was in the country promoting the film in L.A. Her girlfriend Carine remained in Cameroon with their daughter Princess and was forced to go into hiding for their safety until they were able to make it to San Francisco in November.

So, Gertrude appears in a documentary about homosexuality in Cameroon. So, until that event, she was having no problems. Then supposedly problems occured, then she gets a tourist visa to come to the United States, then decides to stay here. If she was so afraid, why did she not request refugee status at the American embassy instead of falsely claiming she was coming here to do publicity about a documentary?

Clearly this was all planned from the start, as is usual with homosexuals who claim asylum. They know their refugee claims will be denied by the Department of State, so they come to San Francisco, where the Federal courts are approving every asylum application regardless of logic and evidence of fraud.

Furthermore, it appears that Carine and their attorney were engaged in alien smuggling.

Carine and Eldine finally managed to sneak out with the help of refugee advocates and Kruze and her asylum legal colleagues. The airline flights that brought them and Gertrude to San Francisco were arranged by the same circle of supporters.

"This baby cannot go back to Cameroon," Kruze said. "The death threats that Gertrude and Carine were getting also targeted her, some of them calling her the seed of the devil. It would be incredibly cruel to send her back there."

And, more are coming.

She and Carine are among a rising tide of LGBT immigrants fleeing oppression for life in the U.S. Advocates say the number has grown from a couple of hundred cases a year two decades ago to nearly 3,000.

Their plight is gaining more attention with the approaching Winter Olympics in Russia, which outlawed gay pride events in June and banned speaking out in defense of gay causes. Since then, the number of requests from LGBT people in Russia for U.S. asylum or refugee status has gone from dozens to hundreds, advocates say.

Note also that there is no use of the usually unbiquitous "homophobia." No one mentions, either, that it is people of color supposedly oppressing homosexuals. Talk about the bigotry of low expectations.

In January, Nigeria made it illegal for LGBT people to hold meetings or create clubs, punishable by 14 years in prison. Uganda's parliament passed a law mandating life behind bars for homosexuality.

Iran and Yemen are among seven countries that have the death penalty for homosexuality, and gay rights advocates predict Uganda could join their ranks in coming years.

"These things against homosexuality are a matter of country, tradition and religion," said Luzau Balowa, who was tortured, stabbed and jailed for his LGBT and AIDS activism in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he was born. "Can it ever change for gay people in countries like Congo, or at least any time soon? No - they don't have a chance there."

And they are all living on welfare:

Though both of the women have been granted asylum, they are still waiting on Princess' status. The family are currently staying in a shelter in the Tenderloin, using resources from their lawyer and other community members to get by until they can find employment.

Despite the fact that they can legally be employed, these two homosexuals are refusing to work. Work is available. San Francisco has a large illegal alien population, many of who work, and in fact the City of San Francisco operates a day labor center for illegal aliens.

Why aren't Gertrude and Carine down there each day? Because white heterosexual American citizens are paying for their lifestyle choices.

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