Senators Say Legalize the World
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The numbers of legal immigrants tucked into the fine print of the Hagel-Martinez bill would make an astronomer blanch. You have to wonder what sort of swamp gas the Senators are inhaling to create such a nightmarish future of immigration on steroids.

The Heritage Foundation crunched the legislation and estimated the bill would lay out the welcome mat for more than 100 million additional residents in the next two decades.

If enacted, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) would be the most dramatic change in immigration law in 80 years, allowing an estimated 103 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years151fully one-third of the current population of the United States.

If that doesn't give you the overpopulation vapors, then advance to Sen. Jeff Sessions' analysis which puts the number of legal immigrants far higher, over 200 million in 20 years. He remarked that the Senate bill "would permit up to 217.1 million new legal immigrants into the United States over the next 20 years, a number equal to 66 percent of the total current population of the United States."

Sessions told FOX News that if the law passes, the number of immigrants that could legally enter the country "would increase by fivefold and could be far more than that ... and that has a tremendous impact, really. These will be almost an entitlement to enter the country.

One incidental cost toted up was the benefits for the parents of 100 million immigrants: $30 billion per year or more.

Now imagine the taxpayers' mega-pricetag for constructing infrastructure to accomodate 100-200 million people 151 more roads, schools, dams, power plants, sewer systems and public transportation. (The 1950 population of the entire country was 150 million souls.)

There will also be less 151 quiet, trees and quality of life.

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