Senator Rubio Is a Star on Talk Shows Even without Being There
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Several political shows this Sunday included immigration in the topic mix. Senator Marco Rubio was a celebrated figure, without appearing in person, because grateful open-borders Republicans, particularly fellow Gang of Eighters, sing his praises — perhaps too much.

During his appearance on Meet the Press, Senator Lindsey Graham was effusive about his colleague, saying, “Marco Rubio has been a game changer in my party. . . Marco has been indispensable, 70:30, we get there.”

Acclaim from one of the Senate’s most dedicated amnesty villains is not a plus in many quarters, particularly among the traditional voting citizens.

Here’s part of the transcript from Meet the Press:

GREGORY: On immigration, what stands in the way of a deal?

SEN. GRAHAM: We’ve got an agreement between labor and business about the Guest Worker Program, but we’re revisiting that. We’re hoping to get this thing done in the next couple of weeks, is the Guest Worker Program. High skill and low skill labor. How can you access it in an affordable fashion when you can’t find an American worker? If we’re reasonable with 11 million, if we all give them a pathway to citizenship that’s earned and hard and fair, get in the back of the line, pay taxes, learn the English language, then the Democratic Party has to give us the Guest Worker Program to help our economy. That’s what we’re arguing over.

MS. FLOURNOY: Will Marco Rubio be there for you?

SEN. GRAHAM: Marco Rubio has been a game changer in my party. He will be there only if the Democrats will embrace a Guest Worker Program and a merit-based immigration system to replace the broken one and we’ll regain our sovereignty back, securing our borders and having control of jobs through E-Verify. Marco will be there. If we get the 11 million right on our side it puts pressure on the Democrats to come up with a workable guest work– a practical Guest Worker Program. Marco has been indispensable, 70:30, we get there.

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