Senator Reid Gets Out His Bag of Dirty Harry Tricks
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Its crunch time for the despicable DREAM Act stealth amnesty, so its champion Senator Reid has gone to funny business. He pulled the old new-bill-at-the-last-minute gag actually several versions of the bill, just to make it interesting. Its an action designed to create maximum chaos for some reason. Perhaps he thinks something will turn up as he keeps tapdancing and spinning.

Reid Angers GOP by Pushing Four Versions of DREAM Act Without Hearing, Fox News, December 01, 2010

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has pushed four different versions of the controversial immigration bill known as the DREAM Act without a hearing on any of them, drawing outrage from the top Republican on the committee that would have handled the package.

The Nevada senator, who narrowly escaped a defeat in the November election, has pursued an unusual approach to advancing the bill that gives young illegal immigrants who attend college or join the military a pathway to legal status.

Since September, his deputy Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., has introduced four slightly different versions all bearing the same name. Reid has moved them all to the calendar he appears to be teeing up for a test vote, which could happen sometime later this week, on the latest version introduced on Tuesday.

But Republicans balked at the maneuvering. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, railed against the bill and the process Democrats were using to push it.

We now may have a fourth version of the DREAM Act, Sessions said Wednesday. We havent had a hearing on that in seven years.

Below is Senator Sessions:

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