Senator Graham: Sotomayor Will Be Confirmed Barring Meltdown
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Yes, she'll be confirmed because Democrats have enough votes to make it happen, not because Senator Graham, the other Republicans or millions of rational thinking Americans want her confirmed.

There is a possible silver-lining: If Republicans are smart they will see this hearing as an opportunity to show Americans how different the Obama agenda really is from the one he sold us last November.

The appointment of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court brought to the attention of the entire Senate (and hopefully the world) piles and piles of documents proving the racial bias and liberal extremism practiced and promoted by those associated with this administration.

Beliefs not shared by middle America no matter how diligently the MSM works to prove the contrary.

Hopefully Republicans will realize that they are fighting a battle today in war that will not be decided until tomorrow. By the end of the day, Democrats will get what they want but that isn't necessarily the end of the story.

If Republicans are brave enough to question Sotomayor on her record and more to the point, hold her accountable for the racially motivated judicial decisions and public statements she had made over the years, they too can have their own victory.

The Obama-led Democrats will succeed in placing their gal on the bench but it is doubtful that anybody outside of their Klan will agree that she belongs there. They will however be left with no doubt that race and gender are more important than talent and least to this administration.

The hearings are in recess right now but will update you as the hearings proceed.

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