Secession and Immigration
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Sean Scallion writes at Etherzone:

Last weekend 43 delegates from a variety of local secessionists, independence and decentralizing movements from across North America descended upon Burlington, Vermont for the first-ever North American Secessionist Convention hosted by the Middlebury Institute, the intellectual force behind the Second Vermont Republic movement.

The fact that states have little control over immigration hasn't been lost on these folks.

Browsing their website I see comments like:

Immigration wasn’t discussed in this election yet it is the second most crucial issue facing this country, with the exception of the slaughter of unborn children.


In New York, arguably one of the most dangerous towns in the US, we are required to walk around unarmed. Presumably, this is acceptable to New Yorkers or they would not tolerate it. Yet homosexuals dressed as nuns caper in the streets and no perversity is too vile to tolerate except the outmoded desire for political freedom. Do I wish to be ruled over by such people? Is it worth it? Let them have their way, but only with each other. And make them apply for visas to come here!

The basic problem that I see here is that a growing number of Americans feel like they have virtually no voice in either Congress, academe, the media or the financial/corporate world. That is inherently and unstable situation.

What I think is worth noting is that most US immigration is now concentrated among a few states at the periphery of the US (i.e. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Florida,New York and New Jersey). I can imagine a situation in which most or some of those states are expelled.

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