Seattle Black Man Racistly Beaten by Racist Of Indeterminate Race (Pssst: "Samoan")
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From commenter Joe, Averaged:
Sort of OT but related to ethnicity baiting and an iSteve classic. I’ve only been reading for two years but I think I know one when I see one.

The front page of the Seattle Times metro section triumphantly crows about “African-American man fighting for his life after unprovoked racist rage attack,” a story conveniently held until the day after the state of the union. Obviously a tragedy for the young man, but if you bother to turn to page two, you’ll learn that the rageful racist (who did not care for his sister being with a black guy) was Polynesian Julian Tuimauga (who by the second generation of the story, will just be white). This kind of interethnic strife doesn’t seem to budge the narrative. I no longer think it matters whodunnit, you just need a victim.

I don’t see anything in the online version of the article identifying the race of the assailant. (Some other reports in other outlets mention that the police identified Tuimauga as “Asian-Pacific Islander.”) Perhaps people in Seattle have become fairly expert at identifying Polynesian names from the spelling, but now that the New York papers are picking up the story, I’m sure their readers are mostly clueless.

Yeah, what could be less 2018 than two random non-whites from the Coalition of the Fringes vibrantly whomping on one another? Whatever happened, just remember, more immigration would make it all better.

Also, how old is the Polynesian sister who slept with the black guy who got beat up by her brother? 26? 13? Seems relevant.

Update: Commenter Lot writes:

Tracked down the ages.

The perp is a 17yo senior in high school, the sister turned 20 in December.

Trashy family assimilated into local black culture. Mother took her daughter (born when mom was 17) to get some tats on her 18th birthday. And they were far from daughter’s first, and she is covered in them now. Little bro, who goes only by jiggyju8 wears standard stupid thug clothing and his social media is full of rap music and black guys with dreadlocks making gang signs. …

Now I guess it is possible that Julian the Samoan just hates black people. Here are his soundcloud likes

Scrolling through the first 100, it appears that every single one is a black rapper.

Here are his youtube likes

Out of 43 videos, 41 are angry screaming semi-retarded black men (hate to degrade the word rap, so delightful it was 30 years ago with Blondie and Will Smith), 1 is a pitbull fighting video, and the final is a video game setup tutorial.

His favorite rapper appears to be Mozzie, son of crack addict and grandson of an Oakland Black Panther. …

David Brooks thinks these people are better than West Virginians, but the reality is 80 IQ immigrants assimilate down to black ghetto culture the very first generation. Indeed, the 80 IQ Arabs and Africans immigrants’ children in Europe are assimilating into US Black ghetto “hiphop” culture having never met one in their lives. Mozzy-level English isn’t too hard to learn, and if they are not up to it, there are plenty of French and German language Arab and black rappers who sound and dress exactly the same.

Eventually, the Daily Mail will get around to this story. It usually includes these kind of pertinent details that other outlets forget to mention.
This also continues a grasping obsession the Times (and the city) has with demanding we see racial hatred. From absurdly provocative articles covering the “racial disparity in jaywalking tickets” on the front page, to the handwringing addition of “hate crime” charges to the criminal code – which result in many more hate crimes in seattle than in entire states of the Deep South — the city is peculiar for the feelings of woke whites who decry racial hatred but have little experience with black populations – nor do they care to, as reflected by the high gentrification rate of neighborhoods here. Note the use of the infamous word “uptick” in the last story – a word meant to convey racial panic but impervious to criticisms of overreporting- hey, “one” is technically an uptick, and you can’t prove they were all fake (can you?)

The hate crime data is worth another post – the city council is demanding that cops take down everything that could be considered racism in conjunction with another crime, leading to charges where drug possession is the underlying charge, with a bias crime element (huh?)

Maybe the influx of all the Amazon nerds is really a cover for the klan!

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