"Scottish" Attack, "Homegrown" Terrorist, And "Disenfranchised" Muslims In Britain
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Muslim Terrorists in Britain put in a couple of lame attempts at terrorism recently.

Via Tim Blair in Australia, I see this NYT story 4 Held in Scottish Attack as British See Broader Plot [By Alan Cowell And Raymond Bonner, Sunday, July 1, 2007]

In July 2005, four suicide bombers killed 52 people on London’s transit system, and another set of attacks failed two weeks later, bringing home to Britain fears of homegrown terrorist attacks among its disenfranchised South Asian population. Witnesses said the two men in the Glasgow attack were South Asian.

Homegrown terrorism is second-generation immigrant terrorism, and it's an interesting paradox for immigration enthusiasts when something like this happens—either the terrorist are immigrants, and that's a consequence of immigration, or they were born in Britain, in which case it's a case of the total failure of assimilation.

The "South Asians," usually Muslims from Pakistan, are not disenfranchised in any sense. They rule whole districts of Great Britain, they have members not only in the commons, but in the House of Lords, and they voted George Galloway into Parliament not in spite of his support for Britain's enemies, but because of it.

Enoch Powell's point in warning about the British Race Relations laws in his famous speech in 1968 was that Great Britain had never had anything like Jim Crow laws

The Commonwealth immigrant came to Britain as a full citizen, to a country which knows no discrimination between one citizen and another, and he entered instantly into the possession of the rights of every citizen, from the vote to free treatment under the National Health Service.

Britain had never had the kind of legally mandated discrimination seen in the American South, so it didn't need a Race Relations law that could only "disenfranchise" one group—actual Britons.

And it was really the phenomenon of anti-racist legislation that was responsible for a famous quote:

For these dangerous and divisive elements the legislation proposed in the Race Relations Bill is the very pabulum they need to flourish. Here is the means of showing that the immigrant communities can organize to consolidate their members, to agitate and campaign against their fellow citizens, and to overawe and dominate the rest with the legal weapons which the ignorant and the ill-informed have provided.

As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ”the River Tiber foaming with much blood”.

And he was right, of course.

Just the other day, Tony Blair had a message for Islamists in Britain, saying that they need to be told

”It’s not just your methods that are wrong, your ideas are absurd. Nobody is oppressing you. Your sense of grievance isn’t justified."’ [Blair launches stinging attack on 'absurd' British Islamists, By Nicholas Watt, Sunday July 1, 2007 The Observer ]

It's important to remember what's going on here—there are colonies of Muslims in Great Britain who hate England, and show it by rioting, committing terrorism, demonstrating in favor of beheading anyone who speaks up about Islam, and committing large amounts of crime and violence. The problem here is that they aren't disenfranchised enough.

They are "homegrown" terrorists, rioters, or criminals because they were transplanted to Britain in spite of warnings from people like Enoch Powell.

And a major part of the difficulty in dealing with this situation is the political correctness observed in the story in the New York Times, and enforced by British law.

Americans should take this as a warning about the dangers of any massive changes in either demography, or freedom of speech.

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