Scofflaw Trucker Story—Which Photograph Is More Helpful?
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Here's a story from Jalopnik, a site about cars:


Police Arrest NYC Truck Driver With $25,000 In Unpaid Tolls

Benjamin Preston

Tolls are a pain in the ass, but they're also a fact of life,especially in and around New York City. Benjamin McClellan decided that it was better not to pay the tolls required to travel the city's many bridges and tunnels. Only it wasn't.

Police arrested McClellan Tuesday when he blew through yet another toll booth without paying. He was also driving on a suspended license — for not paying a traffic ticket, surprise, surprise — and had changed the numbers on his license plate with a few strategically placed pieces of electrical tape.

Losing your license for dumb [stuff] is one thing, but losing your license when you depend upon it for your rent check? That's a whole new level of stupid.

The Jalopnik story was illustrated with the tollgate photo above, the story they're linking to has no illustations, but I found the NY Post version of the story. (John Derbyshire insists that it's the Post that's the Paper of Record.) Here's Benjamin McClellan.

Benjamin McClellan , Scofflaw Trucker

Busted big rig cheat used stolen E-ZPass, fake plates to evade $25,000 in tolls: cops

Cops brake tricky trucker


Last Updated: 6:39 AM, August 30, 2012

Now, partly I'm writing this because most truckers named McClellan are Scots-Irish, and the Scots-Irish have been maligned enough. But I'm also wondering if the Jalopnik writer had seen that picture, if he would have been willing to say that the driver had reached "a whole new level of stupid. "

Now here's Dave Dudley, with "Six Days On The Road,  And I Don't Have $25,000 In Unpaid Tolls."

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