Say Not The Struggle Aught Availeth
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Should any of my colleagues at fall into thinking that our work here is almost done, I refer them to this piece on (with a hat tip to "David Hume," a colleague on a different website).

The Secret to U.S. Growth in the 21st Century: More Asians

. . . .

America's birth rate is not as low as Europe, but we still need immigrants to ensure a healthily expanding labor pool. Where are we going to get our new Americans? Asia and Africa. Asia is especially important, and encouraging large-scale immigration from Asia will have benefits far beyond the simple economics of immigration. The United States' geopolitical strategy for the emerging Asian Century must be to position ourselves as the Alternative Asia, the way we were once the Alternative Europe.

Down in the comment thread the author of the piece apologizes for scanting the importance of Africa: "Immigration from Africa is great, and in the long run will be more important than Asian immigration . . ."

Great God in boots!

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