Saudi Handout Nixed
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Here's an update to Your Tax Dollars At Work. Did you know that some legislators in Washington think it totally reasonable to send substantial sums to oil-rich Saudi Arabia, where they practically suck money out of the ground? But this year at least the House voted NOT to appropriate (borrow actually) $400,000 to give to the Saudis, who continue to fund Wahhabi terrorism around the world, including materials sent to mosques located in the United States.

Committee Chairman and all-around globalist Jim Kolbe was one expressing disappointment that the cash for Saudis was voted down. [ House cuts Bush foreign aid funds 6/10/06, AP]

The House voted, 312-97, to strip Saudi Arabia of $420,000 that lawmakers had included in the bill, most of it to train Saudi officials in techniques for finding terrorists and detecting terrorist attacks.

"American taxpayer dollars should not be supporting Saudi hate and terror," said Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat, who pushed to strip the funds. "Why should we provide aid to a country that has systematically exported terrorism?"

Why, indeed?

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