Saturday's One Old Vet Amnesty News Collection 13. Drudge 2 (Same, All Weekend)
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No Amnesty

H/T One Old Vet

On Saturday One Old Vet posted a compendium of 13 Amnesty stories.

Of these perhaps the most interesting was Immigration Reform — Not Amnesty by David Sperling The Huffington Post 03/01/2013 - mainly because of the debating ground conceded by this in fact pro-Amnesty piece.

Some knee-jerk immigration advocates would have the American public believe that nothing less than a speedy "path to citizenship" for 11 million undocumented immigrants is the only just and humane solution to our dysfunctional immigration system.


As a Spanish-speaking immigration lawyer for 18 years, I have met and counseled tens of thousands of foreign nationals, most of whom sneaked into the United States through the southern border. I have yet to meet an immigrant — documented or undocumented — who decided to come to the United States so that he or she could vote in a presidential election. Most immigrants come to the United States because it is the land of freedom and opportunity where they can escape poverty, discrimination and rigid class structures...

Just economic migrants, in other words.

Sperling goes on:

Here's another dirty secret: The reason most immigrants become citizens is so they can sponsor their family members to immigrate legally to the United States. One reason our immigration system is so dysfunctional is that it encourages "chain migration" of low-skilled workers rather than attracting the best and brightest foreign scientists and entrepreneurs to strengthen our economy.
A “path to citizenship” with the current family reunification regulations is certain to lead to a big surge of legal immigration in the future – mainly as a practical matter of recent history destined to be part of the tax-consuming “47%”. A solid reason for Patriots to oppose it rigidly.

He candidly concedes

No amount of euphemism will hide the fact that the pro-amnesty crowd wants illegal immigrants to cut into line, ahead of the millions of foreigners who have been playing by the rules and patiently waiting for to join their loved ones or enduring bureaucratic nightmares to obtain LPR status.
As is to be expected for an immigration attorney allowed access to the Huffington Post podium, and governed by the all too familiar ancestor worship
My great-grandparents escaped the pogroms of Eastern Europe
Sperling then collapses and proposes to create a loophole to give citizenship to pre 2001 illegals and guest worker or DREAM Act cover to the rest. Fundamentally the essay is a fraud intended to gain Amnesty aquiescence by charm -but the concessions provide useful ammunition.

The Drudge Report has kept up the AP story I noted yesterday DHS freed over 2,000 immigrants since February since 17-58 EST Friday. Since 18-13 EST on Friday another link, to a Wall Street Journal story (!) Dangerous TB Patient Detained on U.S. Border by Betsy Mckay about a Nepalese man intercepted in south Texas

…infected with one of the most severe types of drug-resistant tuberculosis known today.
has been up. The story continues
His three-month odyssey through 13 countries—from his homeland of Nepal through South Asia, Brazil, Mexico, and finally into Texas—shows the way in which dangerous new strains of the disease can migrate across the world unchecked.
It could equally well be said to show how strong is the magnetism of the poor policing of the American border
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