Sarah Palin Rumors
September 01, 2008, 05:38 PM
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I haven`t checked any out of these shocking rumors being heavily flogged by anti-Palin parties such as Andrew Sullivan and Daily Kos for factuality, I just want to give you my impression of how they`ll strike average Americans (especially average American women):

- Palin was already pregnant when she got married two decades ago!

Let`s see, you`re saying the beauty queen/point guard and the oilfield roughneck/Bering Strait fisherman couldn`t keep their hands off each other, got pregnant, got married, had lots more kids, and are together 20 years later? Wow, that`s the most appalling thing I ever heard.

- The governor didn`t really just have a baby at 44, it`s actually her teenage daughter`s, but she`s raising the baby as her own!

Gee, that never happened before in the history of the world ... except that`s how Jack Nicholson, Bobby Darrin (see Kevin Spacey`s nice biopic  Beyond the Sea ), Thomas Sowell (in a slightly more complicated version), and a quite a few less famous people were brought up. It lets the inexperienced teen finish her education and find a husband unencumbered by another guy`s kid. The girl escapes being a "single mom" while maintaining a close relationship as an "aunt" with her child, as her experienced and better-financed mom oversees raising the kid. I`m not saying it`s the only or ideal way to handle such matters, but more than a few people have chosen it as the best solution in a difficult situation. Indeed, it might help get Palin off the hook with the more maternal women who are uncertain about her going on the campaign trail so soon after having a baby.

As I said, I haven`t checked into the facts regarding these rumors. I`m all in favor of as many people as possible checking out rumors as soon as possible (in sharp contrast to Barack Obama`s 20-year-relationship with Jeremiah Wright, which the media paid almost no attention to until March 13, 2008 when the primaries were largely over). What I am saying is that a lot of Primarily Political People are clueless about how most people think.

Overall, what we can say for sure about Palin is: she Has A Life. In contrast to undersexed Hillary Clinton`s cautious, cramped biography, Palin`s life story just makes you feel sorry for poor Hillary.

The unanswered question, though, is whether, being a woman, Palin has too much of a life to have mastered her career skills enough. With a male executive with four or five kids, like, say, Mitt Romney, nobody worries about whether his having a life means he can`t also rescue the Salt Lake City Olympics. We just assume that he has a wife who takes care of domestic concerns while he focuses on his career. But with a female executive with such a rich home life, can she really have been devoting enough of her attention to public life?

But, of course, while that`s a good question, it`s also a sexist one. I look forward to Obama and Biden trying to figure out how to handle it.