Sanctuary Policies Continue to Harm Americans, with Liberal Help
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The wickedness of liberal politicians still amazes, as they continue their open-borders, no-enforcement policies that directly cause the deaths and injury of innocent Americans. Liberals’ morality is a strange concoction in how they believe that the protection of foreign criminals is more virtuous than public safety for the citizens whose taxes fund the system.

A symbol of justice in America is a blindfolded woman holding a scale to indicate that the application of law should not depend on the nationality of the accused person. But liberal ideology decrees that diverse persons are victims and therefore require extra influence to be added to their side.

Illegal alien crime has been in the news recently, particularly because of the shocking Rockville High School rape by a pair of illegal aliens a few days ago and the stubborn resistance of Maryland officials to dismantle their dangerous sanctuary policies.

Interestingly, Univision reported that America’s top liberal, Barack Obama, contributed the kid-alien policy that led to the Rockville rape, and the tougher border enforcement of President Trump would have kept the illegal alien perps out.

Don Rosenberg, the father of an illegal alien crime victim, appeared on Fox News Saturday to discuss the continuing plague of sanctuary policies.

(Historical note regarding the following video: the man in horn-rimmed glasses standing to the left of Mayor Eric Garcetti is the long-time enemy of American law and sovereignty, Gil Cedillo. Despite being born in Barstow, the hispanic politician was known for years as “One Bill Gil” for his relentless pursuit of drivers’ licenses for illegal aliens because the document functions as a sort of amnesty-lite since it opens the door to benefits and jobs. He must be thrilled that California is moving to become a sanctuary state to spite President Trump, a policy that will of course be a giant criminal magnet.)

When asked about Mayor Garcetti’s sanctuary policy in Los Angeles — which remarkably extends to non-cooperation with the federal authorities at the city’s international airport — Rosenberg responded, “I guess insanity would be the easy answer. What’s amazing about what Garcetti is doing . . . is he’s jeopardizing the health, safety, welfare of everybody in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. If we learned one thing from the 9/11 Commission when it came to terrorism, is that law enforcement has to work together. And look what just happened in England this week — so you have a terrorist who wasn’t on the watch list, could have flown to Los Angeles and [Garcetti]’s telling the Los Angeles police, don’t work with the federal authorities even at the airport. I mean, it’s criminal behavior on his part.”

Hopefully, President Trump will punish these sanctuary areas more harshly than just cutting their federal aid in order to return immigration law enforcement and protection from foreign criminals to all of the United States.

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