San Francisco Releases Naked Transit Attacker, a Deportable Illegal Alien
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For the “How Quickly They Forget” file. Just a few years ago, San Franciscans were outraged that a violent illegal alien MS-13 member with prior arrests, but not deported, went on to murder Tony Bologna and his two sons in a mistaken-identity gang hit.

Now the city has loosed a violent crazy illegal alien on the public, a man who should have been repatriated to Colombia immediately following his criminal behavior last May. The case got a lot of twisted media coverage because Yeiner Alberto Perez Garizabalo performed naked acrobatic tricks in a San Francisco BART station, in between assaulting innocent commuters.

The attitude seems to be that California should provide this character with mental health treatment, even though Colombia is a civilized country where modern psychiatry is available. It’s arrogant and racist to think that Perez couldn’t get the care he needs at home.

Earlier this year, Colombia was named the happiest country on earth in a Gallup poll, so giving Perez a one-way ticket there would not be a cruel decision.

Perez is scheduled to return to court October 16, but public safety does not appear to be a big concern among local authorities regarding the case, an attitude which is becoming commonplace in California.

Suspect in bizarre BART acrobatics released, San Francisco Chronicle, October 9, 2013

A man accused of performing acrobatic stunts while naked and accosting passengers at the 16th Street BART station in San Francisco last spring was released on his own recognizance, authorities said Wednesday.

Yeiner Alberto Perez Garizabalo, 24, a Berkeley acrobat, was released on the condition that he continues to receive mental health treatment, said Tamara Aparton, a spokeswoman for the public defender’s office, which represents Perez.

Perez is awaiting trial for the May 10 incident, which was caught on video and went viral. The video allegedly depicts Perez doing flips and handstands while naked, and grabbing a BART employee’s genitals and menacing female passengers in between the acrobatics.

Perez’s attorneys said the incident stemmed from a mental breakdown. The district attorney’s office objected to Perez’s release, but was overruled.

Perez has a stay-away order barring him from the 16th Street station as well as the two complaining witnesses, Aparton said.

He is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 16.

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