San Francisco, City Of Dreams
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Given Brenda Walker's recent entry about San Francisco at VDARE's main page, I'd simply like to point readers to a memorable 2003 piece on SanFran—sights, sounds, and smells, along with resigned political commentary— by John Derbyshire. Here's a sample paragraph to whet your ... uh ... appetite:
And of course, the street people stink. Even in the open spaces downtown, you can’t avoid the stink. It is probably worse than it used to be before the UN Plaza fountain was fenced off in March, as the street people had been taking baths in the fountain. They had also been urinating, defecating, and discarding drug paraphernalia there – the last to such a degree that the water was dangerous with chemical contaminants, even if you could bring yourself to ignore the waste products. The city used to do a daily clean-up, fishing out the needles, the turds, and the Muscatel bottles, but at last they got fed up and erected a chain-link fence round the whole thing in the teeth of, it goes without saying, vehement protests from ”advocates for the homeless.”
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