Salon: Detroit Now Run By Unelected White Person, And That's A Good Thing
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From Salon:
Welcome to the age of non-profit city government
Can NGOs run cities?
This is a long, laudatory article about some nice white lady named Sue Mosey, who heads one of those quasi-governmental Community Development Corporations invented during the Great Society. Sue is portrayed as the real power in Detroit these days, as evidenced by her getting a Whole Foods to open in the gentrifying neighborhood where she lives.

I must admit I couldn't manage to read the whole article intently, suffering from SWPL overdose, but I didn't see much concern for concepts like democracy, enfranchisement of blacks, and so forth. In the SWPL mind, apparently, Cheap Urban Real Estate + Whole Foods + Unelected Nice White Lady Rulers sounds a whole lot better in 2012 than more Black Self-Rule.
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