Sailer vs. Taleb In Takimag: "Negotiating the Curve"
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

Negotiating the Curve
by Steve Sailer, December 26, 2018

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a prodigious intellectual who has managed to build a significant following with his books on investing and “tail risk,” such as The Black Swan and Skin in the Game. Yet he’s never quite gotten Watsoned out of polite society for his variegated crimethinking. All this despite a cantankerous personality, especially since he has taken up weightlifting and the testosterone has really gotten flowing.

Born in Lebanon to a ruling-class Christian family that was hurt by the horrific civil war of 1975–1990, Taleb, constantly worrying about what could possibly go disastrously wrong, is by nature a man of the right.

In contrast, Taleb’s intellectual archrival, rock-star Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker, an optimist who believes that every day in every way the world is getting better and better, would appear to be innately a man of the left.

But things are more complicated than that. Pinker, for example, is an outspoken advocate of the politically incorrect science of IQ and heredity.

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And here are some Twitter exchanges from after I sent in my Taki’s essay early Christmas Eve morning:

Here is a link to La Griffe du Lion’s essays. La Griffe is kind of the anti-Taleb, showing just how much insight into current affairs you can wring out of the basic concept of the bell curve.

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