Sailer's Law Of Mass Shootings In Action: No One Killed, No One Willing To Testify, No Conviction
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iSteve commenter Tim writes:

OT, but there are so many levels of dysfunctional behavior in this one story that it’s like a contest to recognize them:

From the Virginian-Pilot:

Jury acquits Norfolk man accused of shooting 5 people, including newborn, with an AK-47
By Jane Harper
The Virginian-Pilot
Jan 05, 2023 at 4:54 pm

A Norfolk man accused of shooting five people with an AK-47 — including a newborn baby — was acquitted Thursday of all charges.

Jurors in Norfolk Circuit Court deliberated just two hours before finding Kimahni Lankford not guilty of all 10 charges he faced.

The shooting happened at about 10 p.m. Aug. 25, 2020 in an outdoor area of the Lexington Park apartments on East Princess Anne Road. Injured by the gunfire were 1-month-old Honesty Brehon, her mother, and three men.

So, zero dead, five wounded.

… Police body camera video played at the trial showed dozens of people standing around as officers responded to the scene, but it’s not known how many people witnessed the shooting. Only one person came forward to identify a gunman, and that wasn’t until five months later.

The witness was Honesty’s uncle, Lavon Platt, who told jurors he’d gone to the apartment complex to buy drugs that night. Platt was the only witness called to testify during the three-day trial who identified Lankford as the gunman.

… Platt admitted during his testimony that he didn’t say anything to law enforcement about who shot his niece until after he was charged with violating his probation and turned himself in to police. He also admitted to previously being convicted of making a false statement to police.

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