Sailer in TAKI'S MAGAZINE: Democratic Trump
January 24, 2018, 07:41 AM
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From Taki’s Magazine:

Democratic Trump

by Steve Sailer

January 24, 2018

After one year in office, is Trump starting to hit his stride as president?

Most notably, Trump outmaneuvered the Democrats in the first phase of the immigration struggle, leading Senate Democrats to shut down the government on Friday but then, in humiliation, reopen it on Monday. …

Likewise, it’s comical that so many have denounced Trump as an “authoritarian” whose election threatens that “democracy dies in the dark,” as Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post claims.

In reality, of course, Trump’s administration is the most public in memory. Comedians are making jokes about the president for the first time since 2008. Americans are enthusiastically arguing over politics. Trump, love him or hate him, has revitalized democracy.

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