Sailer in Taki's: "Crevasses in the Classroom"
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine about a huge new database of school achievement test scores that answers the old question: Is there any single place in America where blacks (0r Hispanics) outscore whites on cognitive tests?

Crevasses in the Classroom

by Steve Sailer ay 04, 2016

Where are racial gaps in school test scores worst? Ironically, where liberals are most dominant.

The new national database of school-district test scores created by education researchers at Stanford and Harvard reveals that the single widest white-black racial gap in American public school districts is in the city most synonymous with leftism since 1964: Berkeley, California.

How badly do blacks lag whites in Berkeley public schools? Berkeley’s white-black gap is 1.60 standard deviations. In other words, the median black student would score at only the 5th percentile if he were white.

Yet, Berkeley is ferociously antiracist. It was the first to have a Black Studies Department at the high school level. In the 2012 election, Berkeley voted for Obama over Romney 90 to 5. Berkeley Unified school-district administrators obsess over any data showing that black students get punished more than other races.

Still, the racial gap is bigger in Berkeley than anywhere else. …
The worst white-black gaps tend to be found in old-money liberal towns like Berkeley, Chapel Hill, Shaker Heights, Asheville, and Evanston (the five worst examples of racial inequality in America according to the new Stanford test score database) that can afford a lot of liberal white guilt, which attracts black welfare moms.
Read the whole thing there.

The examples where NAMs score above or just below whites are pretty funny.

I also point out the school district where blacks and Hispanics score highest in all of America, which is pretty ironic.

I love writing this kind of articles where I take an academic’s database, re-sort it, and point out what’s really going on.

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