Sadistic Killings of Hamsters: Yet Another of the Joys of Diversity
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At Nation of Cowards, The Man has used every type of state-of-the-art technology available to the modern journalist and, ultimately, his own wits, to ferret out the back story to what appeared to be simply a weird and sick news story about two cuddly rodents named "Princess Stephanie" and "Sweetie," who met horrible ends at the hands of rabid humans, allegedly Monique Smith, 19, and her unnamed, 25-year-old brother. But there was something the media weren't telling us...

Anyone who follows the foibles of the mainstream media knows that they consider cruelty to animals worse than the murder of human beings. Heck, I've carved out a cottage industry, writing on mass murders and torture murders that the MSM do not consider newsworthy. So, when the lefties at the New York Times and Daily News promote stories about the savage killings of sweet little family hamsters, but refuse to include photographs of the alleged adult perpetrators, something stinks worse than decomposing rodents. (And having once spent a summer doing custodial work in a West German Max Planck Institute, I know the smell of decomposing rodents!)

Now, before you laugh, and yes the ”murder' of hamsters may seem to be an odd thing to take note of, but I ask you pay attention to what actually happened here and see if you agree with me that it has a larger meaning for our nation...

[Black Folks Savagely Murder Hamsters!?!?! by The Man, Nation of Cowards, March 15, 2011.]

What is the significance of this story? Glad you asked. Having spent years living and working in black neighborhoods, I know that cruelty to animals is routine in them. And as my colleague Brenda Walker has spent years documenting, the grisly abuse of animals is also routine among Hispanic immigrants, especially Mexicans. What that means is that the more "diverse" America becomes, the more routine the breathtakingly sadistic torture and killing of animals will become. At this rate, between the particulars and the race of the perpetrator, pretty soon a story like Michael Vick's savage killing of dogs won't even be newsworthy.
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