Sabrina Rubin Erdely's Enablers in the Media
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With the jury having found Rolling Stone guilty of “actual malice” in UVA bureaucrat Nicole Eramo’s lawsuit against the famous magazine over its broken glass gang rape blood libel, it’s worth looking at how many prominent journalists enthusiastically backed Erdely’s absurd concoction:

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Last summer, historian KC Johnson put up a blog post archiving enthusiastic tweets Sabrina Rubin Erdely received in November 2014 from other professional journalists praising her ludicrous Rolling Stone hate hoax “A Rape on Campus.”

For example, Jeffrey Goldberg praised Erdely’s Night of Broken Glass rape fantasy as “Amazing reporting. And terrifying.”

Goldberg has recently been promoted to editor-in-chief of The Atlantic.

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Jeffrey Toobin, a legal writer for The New Yorker and talking head on CNN, tweeted: “you did amazing work, a real public service.”

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Luke Russert of NBC tweeted this on November 19, 2014.

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Dan Zak is a Washington Post reporter. It wasn’t good enough for him that one fraternity was subject to a Night of Broken Glass mob breaking its windows and all fraternities on campus were shut. He tweeted: “Now burn ‘em down.”

Johnson has collected many more such tweets from professional MSM journalists who went out of their way to praise and promote without a hint of skepticism Erdely’s crazy article.

How much is the Trump Phenomenon of 2016 is driven by parts of the the public slowly becoming aware over the years of how much the big money media loves to promote hate hoaxes targeting them?

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