Rusty Childress Reports Illegals Imported To Swamp McCain's TownHall
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Rusty Childress questioning McCain

Rusty Childress is a concerned citizen who sent this email to various immigration restrictionists:

This is me in action at McCain's town hall in the grey suit. [Questioning McCain in the video at 1:35: McCain: Immigration deal eluding 'Gang of Eight', by Dan Nowicki, The Arizona Republic, March 26, 2013] I told him that our group thought amnesty was a betrayal of conservative principles and that we were now deregistering republicans to independent in protest to the RNC stance on amnesty. Ironically, I asked him his advice on how "we the people" could fight the amnesty legislation.

He was very respectful, and said that he would like to continue a dialogue with our "Remember 1986" coalition. He also admitted that Congress has very low ratings right now. I am sure he has read the RNC 100 page "suicide letter" report!

The press reported that the tone of of the meeting was supportive to Amnesty. That was because they had bused in Spanish-speaking supporters who used up 4 of the first 5 rows, which allowed them to suck up our bandwidth, very clever. They got there early and stayed late. They also had preprinted signs thanking McCain for his efforts.

This pro-amnesty lobby admitted that there were many illegal aliens in the room, they even asked the illegals to raise their hands! Where was ICE when you need them? Illegals at the Congressman's Town Hall lobbying for amnesty, completely unreported, only in America!

We did get to do some interviews, but mostly it was an Amnesty love festival because there was no room left for our group to sit, and they would not allow people into the room after it started. We got bamboozled here, I hope everyone can learn from our mistakes.

Childress mentions the front rows being packed with Spanish speaking amnesty supporters—here's a screenshot:

Of course they support amnesty—they're eligible for it!Some good news, though: note the generally downbeat tone of the Arizona Republic story, e.g.

McCain at times sounded notes of pessimism about the immigration deliberations.

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