Rudy Giuliani Talks Tough?
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Mike Glover writes at Associated Press:
Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday that if elected president he would end illegal immigration in as few as three years by employing the same police tactics he used to reduce the crime rate as New York mayor.

"It can be done. It is not impossible," Giuliani told his audience at a town hall-style meeting. "You can do this, you can stop them at the border."

Now, immigration is a bit different than crime. New York could "solve" its crime problem largely by getting people likely to commit crimes to move to places like Newark and Philadelphia. The stakes with immigration policy are much higher—if the problem isn't handled correctly and with the proper safeguards, the governments of Mexico and some other nearby countries could easily be destabilized.

We need an immigration solution that is part of a package that means the average worker in the US is clearly better off than they are today-and so is the average worker in Mexico and other source countries. I strongly favor stiffer enforcement—but enforcement alone won't solve the problems here. We also need to go after the rich scum on both sides of the border whohave profited from illegal immigration—and that isn't the kind of criminal Rudy Giuliani has the guts to go after.

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