Rubio Swings On Amnesty AGAIN -Devastating Bush Ad Needs Updating
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Today Politico reports Rubio: Law-abiding undocumented immigrants could stay by Isaac Arnsdorf 01/17/16
In an interview airing Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the Florida contender for the Republican presidential nomination said felons shouldn’t be allowed to stay, but those who commit lesser crimes could still qualify.
This means the devastating Rubio/Amnesty/Spinning Weathervane Ad needs updating.

It ended with Rubio abandoning his own Dream Act. Now he is solidly back in the Treason Lobby camp.

My analysis: Follow the Money. Rubio feels his only chance is to get enormous campaign spending underway and of course Amnesty is where the money is.

In Jeb Bush (!) Attacking Rubio Over Amnesty Now James Kirkpatrick wondered why the Bush Super Pac Right to Rise which paid for the ad thought it would help him.

My answer: the consultants involved didn’t. They were addressing themselves to their two top priorities

Maximize their commissions from the Ad spend.

• Demonstrate their ability to make effective ads to catch the attention of their next campaign customer.

Modern American campaigns are exclusively driven by money.

Except Donald Trump’s.

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