Ruben Navarrette Is Wrong: The Border Surge Shames Mexico (And Navarrette Himself) Not The US
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Ruben "The Sandwich" Navarrette is at it again. The alleged "conservative" professional Mexican is spreading lies about the Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security regarding the flood of illegal alien juveniles crashing over our border.

CNN June 12, 2014 by Ruben Navarrette

Border Detention Of Children Shames America

San Diego, Calif. (CNN) — Where did our country go? Americans are known around the world as a good and compassionate people — with a soft spot for children.

And, although you wouldn't know it from watching a ghastly detention drama currently playing out in the Southwest, law enforcement and the legal system have built-in safeguards that acknowledge the simple fact that children are different from adults, and thus cannot be treated the same.

The Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement seem to have forgotten that. These agencies are currently warehousing hundreds of children from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador who have, in recent months, streamed across the Texas-Mexico border.

According to media reports, the group is a mixture of unaccompanied minors sent by their parents, toddlers traveling with their mothers, and children who are alone and trying to reunite with their parents in the United States.

Well, Navarrette does not offer a solution to this warehousing problem. What should be done with these criminals who enter illegally. In any even, The Sandwich does not know that as soon as the juveniles are processed, they are turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services, so there is no fault here with DHS and the Border Patrol. These juveniles have to be held somewhere and a jail cell it is until the welfare department picks them up and starts spending tax-payer dollars on The Sandwiches relatives.

Next Navarrette tells more lies:

According to immigration attorneys who represent some of these children, many are being held in freezing holding cells intended for fewer inhabitants and shorter stays. These aren't jail cells as much as temporary holding rooms nicknamed "hieleras," or ice chests. CNN has reported that the border facilities lack "enough food, beds or sanitary facilities to provide for the children."

These are the lucky ones. Federal immigration officials have loaded hundreds of others on buses and transported them across state lines, only to drop them at bus stations in states like Arizona with nothing more than a notice to appear before an immigration judge — a scribbled piece of paper representing a feeble attempt at accountability, which most of these people are likely to ignore as they wander off and fade into society.

No juveniles are being released. The only aliens being released are those who are adults, and their children. And these aliens know that they will be released if they have children with them. That is part of the plan. But Navarrette is in denial. He denies that these aliens are gaming the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, but we know from the local press in Central America, that is the plan.

Interviews with the juveniles proves it so:

US News And World Report June 3, 2014

Child Migrants Crossing Border Into US Southwest Driven By Violence, Poverty Back Home

[Ignore the headline, the first paragraph of the story proves it is the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty that is causing the influx.]

REYNOSA, Mexico (AP) — Before 14-year-old Brian Duran set out from central Honduras in mid-April, he heard that child migrants who turned themselves in to the U.S. Border Patrol were being cared for and not deported.

He knew that a couple of friends who left before he did had given themselves up after crossing and been reunited with family in the U.S. Sitting inside the walled compound of a migrant shelter in this Mexican border city across the Rio Grande from Texas, Brian wonders if that is still the case as he seeks a way to make his own crossing.

Navarrette claims the influx is caused by Central American failed states, but none of the countries of Central America are failed states. They are poor, but not failed states, unlike Somalia or Pakistan.

Why are they coming? They're fleeing countries like those in Central America that are quite literally falling apart, with little or failed infrastructure in the military or law enforcement, and thus unable to fend off encroachment by Mexican drug cartels looking for new outposts from which to operate.

The most far-fetched theory comes from restrictionists and nativists who insist that what enticed these children from Central America to cross the U.S.-Mexico border is an expectation that Obama is poised to use his executive power to grant a kind of "amnesty" to millions of undocumented.

If people in Central America believe that, they could be the only folks in this hemisphere who do.

Someone needs to introduce Navarrette to Brian Duran. Duran set out on his journey because he knew he would be set free to remain, as have all those obese Mexicans and Central Americans released in Arizona.

The Navarrette  says these juveniles and their parents are refugees from violence:

Besides, from all appearances, the border kids aren't immigrants. They're refugees. They're here because they couldn't be anywhere else, and they had no choice but to come. We're supposed to take in people like this, and offer them safe haven.

But according to those who know, like Guatemalan officials, that is not true.

NumbersUSA June 9, 2014

Guatemalan Ambassador Says Children Not Fleeing Due To Violence

Julio Ligorria, the Guatemalan ambassador to the United States, said the surge of Guatemalan children traveling to the U.S. is not due to violence, as the Obama Administration has suggested.

Appearing on the Univision Sunday talk show "Al Punto" he said the surge is the result of: an interest in being with their parents; few opportunities at home; and the claims of smugglers who promise illegal-alien parents in the U.S. that the government will deliver their children.

Jorge Ramos, the host of the talk show suggested that children were leaving because of increased gang violence. But Ligorria rejected that notion saying the Guatemalan children were coming from north Guatemala, not the eastern part where gang violence has been concentrated. He said, "So violence is not the reason. It's essentially a matter of lack of opportunities, of trying to reach the American dream, but also to achieve family reunification. Many of the parents of these children are in the United States, and the children go to find them…The coyotes are taking advantage of the circumstances and conditions."

What is shameful about this is the Mexican government allowing these illegal aliens to cross its borders on the way to the United States. What is shameful is the illegal aliens who pay smugglers to bring their children on such a perilous journey. What is shameful is a liar like Navarrette blaming Border Patrol Agents for the criminal acts of illegal aliens. What is shameful is Navarrette lying to cover up for the Obama Regime.

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