Royal Wedding "Disturbingly White", Columnist Tells Us
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In my years in New York I grew accustomed to the schlocky hate columns of one Andrea Peyser, a sort of poor woman's Maureen Dowd toiling at the New York Post. But what she drank before penning this screed I can only imagine.

It was bigger than the Super Bowl and as tacky as a legion of Elvis impersonators. Most of all, it was disturbingly white. ...

The pomp and ridiculousness then spilled to the streets. Brits in T-shirts and jeans gathered for days to catch a glimpse of the white folks riding to Buckingham Palace, and a wedding night that is, famously, old news for the couple.

Kate puts on brave face amid tacky spectacle, May 1, 2011 By "disturbingly white", I presume Ms. Peyser means the race of participants, which was in fact white. It's hard to imagine Peyser, the daughter of parents who once lived in Israel, complaining that a particular ceremony was "disturbingly Jewish." But being familiar with the Kevin MacDonald trilogy, I can see how a centuries-old tradition combining monarchy, military costumes and Christianity would push all her buttons. Would a mariachi band in Westminster Abbey have helped?
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