Royal Air Force Wanted "Preferably Not White Male" Pilot To Represent The UK At TOP GUN: MAVERICK English Press Event
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One day, our grandchildren will look back on this era incredulously and they’ll ask those of us still around one simple question: Why did you tolerate so much anti-white hate? Because for those of us who can see, it’s palpable now.

RAF apologises for wanting pilot who is ‘preferably not white male’ to represent them at Top Gun: Maverick press event, Daily Mail, May 4, 2022
  • Its communication team sent an email looking for RAF’s ‘face’ at the event
  • The press event will be launching the latest film in the Top Gun movie sequel
  • The email said it was looking for a ‘preferably not white male’ to be the RAF face
  • It was slammed by critics who called the attitude ‘divisive and dangerous’
  • Ministry of Defence apologised, saying the language ‘should not have been used’

RAF bosses have apologised for wanting a ‘preferably not white male’ pilot to represent them at a Top Gun: Maverick press event.

An email, sent by the RAF’s communication team, said it was looking for somebody who could be the ‘face’ of an event to launch the latest movie in the Top Gun sequel, starring movie star Tom Cruise.

The Ministry of Defence apologised for any offence caused and said the language ‘should not have been used’.

The email, reported by the Express, read: ‘Gents, do any of you have a pilot, who is preferably not white male who would like to be the RAF face at a press event for the release of Top Gun 2?

Shy guys get no cakes so shout quick as offer also gone out to other units.’

The recipients of the message were advised to reply with their ‘expressions of interest’.

The leaked email was criticised by Robert Oulds, the director of The Bruges Group thinktank who called the attitude ‘divisive and dangerous’.

He added: ‘The Armed Forces should be a band united to serve Queen and country. This seeks to segregate people and mark people out, not on the basis of their ability, but on the colour of their skin

‘This is wrong and embarrassing. We need to stand firm and together.’

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: ‘This language should not have been used and we apologise for any offence caused. We are determined to encourage more people, no matter their sex or race, into the RAF.’

“Our greatest enemy is time.” It’s a line from Top Gun: Maverick that has stuck with me since I had the privilege of seeing a special showing just before its theatrical release.

Late is the hour for Western man, there is no doubt. But through all the endless anti-white propaganda, fed to us on a 24/7/365 basis, enough people see through the script.

For it’s another pivotal scene in the movie, where a dying Iceman—virtually incapable of speech due to cancer—types a simple, curt response to Maverick, who doesn’t believe he can train the pilots for a suicide mission and also find forgiveness from the son of the long dead flying partner, Goose (from 1986’s Top Gun).

Val Kilmer, who plays Iceman and has been rendered speechless by throat cancer in real life, simply types: “There’s still time.”

Our enemies have positioned anti-whiteness as the key barometer of advancement in our post-Western society, at a time when far too many white people are realizing something is rotten in Denmark.

And as we now know, though time is the one judge we can’t supplicate, there is still time left for hundreds of millions of people to realize it’s okay to say no.

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