Roy Beck: Poll Shows Grassroots Evangelicals Disagree with Soros Evangelicals
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The Soros Evangelicals of the Evangelical Immigration Table are campaigning for amnesty, and if you don't agree with them they think you're a bad Christian.  (See here).  I disagree with them, as do most grassroots evangelicals, according to a recent poll reported by Roy Beck at Numbers USA.  In fact, the results are rather overwhelming.   Here is how Roy summarizes the poll:

The super rich — such as Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch — have been sponsoring evangelical lobbyists to persuade Republican U.S. Representatives that the evangelical voters in their political base want "comprehensive immigration reform." But polling finds that giving the super rich what they want would alienate most evangelical Republicans.... The clear conclusion from the over-sized polling of 2,720 evangelical Republicans who are likely voters in politically competitive states is that evangelical Republicans side with the desire of America's poor for jobs against the desire of the super-rich for a larger pool of workers from which to choose."

Poll finds evangelical Republican voters want the opposite of what evangelical leaders are today lobbying GOP Reps to do Roy Beck, Numbers USA, Oct. 28, 2013 

You can see the questions and results in this document:Strong Support for 'Controlled Immigration' Among Evangelical Likely Republican Voters  (Pulse Opinion Research, September 9, 2013).

One question was "Congress is considering a bill to give work permits to an estimated 7 million illegal immigrant workers. Do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose the work permits?  In the response, 63% were strongly opposed.

Another question was "On the issue of fighting illegal immigration, is the government doing too much, not enough, or about the right amount?"  Seventy-seven percent of respondents that it was Not Enough.

Seventy-three percent of respondents agreed with the statement  "Do you believe less educated illegal immigrants compete with less-educated Americans for construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other service jobs? "

The poll even dealt with the big taboo subject of legal immigration: "In recent years, the government has issued permanent green cards to approximately 1 million new immigrants each year. Is this number too high, too low or about right?" To that question, 64% responded that it was too high.

The Soros Evangelicals, this poll indicates,  do not represent grassroots evangelicals.
















































































































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