Roy Beck On How To Call Your Senator (Urgent: Vote In One Hour:11:30 AM EST)
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There's a vote on final cloture in the Senate in one hour. Roy Beck of NumbersUSA points out that if you have trouble getting through to your Senator because the lines are busy, and they will be busy, you can call your Senator's local office. Remember that they take it a lot more seriously if they're your Senator, from your state:

Can't get through the Senate switchboard or individual Senate offices in Washington?

Call their offices back in the home states. Many of our members are saying they are getting through fine right now.

Here's the link to your two Senators (just click on the "contact information" link for each Senator).

And here's where you can get the home and Washington numbers for every Senator you might wish to contact (especially after reading some of the info below).

We're getting widescale reports from many of you who are phoning and phoning and not getting through in D.C. There are also signs that some Senators may have turned their D.C. phones off to keep from hearing from the people!

Overall, this is great news of a grassroots uprising that is sending great signals to the U.S. House to stay away from the S. 744 amnesty.

A number of you are pressing me to send out this one more alert today for a final hour or two of phoning — especially for those of you in Central, Rocky and Pacific time zones where the local offices will be open awhile longer.

If the staff in the local offices says you should call D.C., tell them that the D.C. offices aren't answering their phones and you want these local staff to convey your message before the vote tomorrow on final cloture on the S. 744 amnesty bill.

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