Rotherham City Council May Face Charges for Covering Up Mass Sexual Abuse
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2557E6FB00000578-2939129-image-m-3_1423089479978[1]A criminal investigation has been launched today after a damning new report found Rotherham Council is 'not fit for purpose' and still 'in denial' about the 1,400 young girls who were abused in the town over 16 years.

Investigators concluded girls as young as 11 were left to be abused by mainly Asian [Pakistani Muslims, like Umar Razzaf, pictured right, who served "less than a year."] men between 1997 and 2013 because the council's staff and politicians feared being labelled racist.

The council also had a 'deep-rooted' culture of sexism and bullying where it would 'shoot the messenger' and sought to force whistleblowers into silence or pay them off, it was said.

Inspectors also found the council 'goes to some lengths to cover up information' and said that children in the town were still at risk of abuse.

[Shame of grooming cover-up: Cynical councillors could be going to jail after report says they systematically hid truth, by Martin Robinson and Steph Cockroft, Daily Mail, February 4, 2015]

The entire city government has been sacked and will be replaced.  They may face charges.

If a nationalist had pointed out this was happening years or ago, he or she simply would have been ignored, dismissed, and called a racist.  Oh wait—that's exactly what happened.

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