Ronan Farrow: "Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies"
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From The New Yorker:

Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies

The film executive hired private investigators, including ex-Mossad agents, to track actresses and journalists.

By Ronan Farrow 6:31 P.M.

In the fall of 2016, Harvey Weinstein set out to suppress allegations that he had sexually harassed or assaulted numerous women. He began to hire private security agencies to collect information on the women and the journalists trying to expose the allegations. According to dozens of pages of documents, and seven people directly involved in the effort, the firms that Weinstein hired included Kroll, which is one of the world’s largest corporate-intelligence companies, and Black Cube, an enterprise run largely by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies. Black Cube, which has branches in Tel Aviv, London, and Paris, offers its clients the skills of operatives “highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units,” according to its literature.

Here’s Black Cube’s Google listing:
Black Cube | Creative Intelligence | BlackCube

A select group of elite Israeli intelligence community who specializes in tailored solutions to complex business and litigation challenges.

The website demanded permission to load cookies on my computer before opening its web page, so I bailed out. But a reader kindly risked getting his computer enlisted into a Belarusian crypto-currency mining scam to read the rest of Black Cube’s list of can-do capabilities, including:
5. Pro-Active Approach

We overcome limited-access sources by taking a can-do, dynamic approach. We have developed several unique methods, especially in the social engineering field, that allow us to move freely in and to extract valuable information from limited access sources, both in virtual and physical environments.

That … leaves a lot to the imagination.

By the way, do you think Harvey ever discussed Black Cube’s social engineering capabilities with his close friends and allies, the Clintons?

Back to Mia Farrow’s son:

Two private investigators from Black Cube, using false identities, met with the actress Rose McGowan, who eventually publicly accused Weinstein of rape, to extract information from her. One of the investigators pretended to be a women’s-rights advocate and secretly recorded at least four meetings with McGowan.
I just to want mention to all Social Justice Warriors out there that other SJWs you meet could be former Mossad agents working for sexual harassers. I’m not saying they all are, but, apparently, some are and you should keep that in mind.
In some cases, the investigative effort was run through Weinstein’s lawyers, including David Boies, a celebrated attorney who represented Al Gore in the 2000 Presidential-election dispute and argued for marriage equality before the U.S. Supreme Court. Boies personally signed the contract directing Black Cube to attempt to uncover information that would stop the publication of a Times story about Weinstein’s abuses, while his firm was also representing the Times, including in a libel case.
Boies, among much else in a busy life, represented Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos in attempting to shut down the WSJ’s outstanding investigation of that Women-in-Tech fraud firm.

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