Ron DeSantis Vs. Gavin Newsom: Preview Of The Real Immigration Debate To Come?
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I watched the debate between Governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program so you don’t have to.

Sean Hannity said he wouldn’t play the tape of Biden inviting in “illegal immigrants,” but he did show the graphic.

(I’m betting the fake fact checkers will say that Hannity lied because Biden invited in “asylum seekers,” not illegal immigrants, but c’mon, we all know he invited all BS artists to come to the U.S.)

Hannity also showed the graphic of who’s who of liars. I don’t know of how anyone can take these clowns seriously.

“Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own lying eyes?”

The actual numbers above. Keep in mind, this does not include unknown gotaways, the ones who likely crossed at night in some remote spot and were never spotted.

I love how Gavin Newsom answers whether or not the American public is being lied to. He immediately goes on the offensive and starts shilling for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, code for amnesty. The promise from the open borders crowd is always the same. They will ask for an amnesty now (sorry, comprehensive immigration reform, but “amnesty” is so much easier to say and so much more the reality), and they will promise to do enforcement somewhere in the future… far, far in the future. In fact, somewhere over the rainbow.

Newsom claimed that DeSantis supported Boehner’s amnesty attempt when DeSantis was in Congress. I do not know if that’s true, DeSantis protested it was false when Newsom confronted him on it, but NumbersUSA did give DeSantis an A+ rating for immigration enforcement when in Congress. I doubt they would have given him that rating if he’d supported an amnesty attempt.

Newsom goes so far as to claim that DeSantis lied to “migrants” to get them to go to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m sorry, but that is such a load of crap. I’ve arrested plenty of illegal aliens that were given a Notice to (dis)Appear (NTA) and New York City as well as Massachusetts were always prime locations as to where the aliens claimed to be going.

The fact of the matter is that NGOs have been shipping illegal aliens to Chicago, New York City, and other large cities in greater numbers than the few that DeSantis flew into Martha’s Vineyard. The Mayor of El Paso has been quietly doing that, but he’s a Democrat, so, it didn’t get as much publicity.

Newsom goes on about DeSantis wanting to shoot “people with backpacks” (not sure where that comes from) and invade Mexico. (Gavin, do you mean like when General “Black Jack” Pershing went after Pancho Villa?) I suspect Newsom is referencing DeSantis proposing using our military to go after Mexican drug cartels. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me, but I would caution about your opponent’s move. The Open Borders crowd may try to take an attack on Mexican soil as evidence that Mexico is a failed state and that Mexicans cannot be deported there. Or that at the very least Mexican citizens are entitled to asylum because of the “terrorist” cartels.

I think DeSantis did a good job of defending himself. He made it personal by referencing Los Angeles refusing to work with ICE by releasing a criminal illegal alien who went on to murder a young mother.

Plus, DeSantis calls out the hypocrisy of the liberal elites who want to burden others with illegal aliens, not themselves.

Next, Hannity brings up the fact that a lot of illegal aliens are coming from countries that hate us like Iranians, Russians, and Chinese.

The first thing I will say about that was that I’m amazed we haven’t had a terrorist attack here yet. How long will our luck hold?

Newsom went on the offensive again attacking DeSantis and lauding Biden’s bill to get 2,300 more Wal-Mart greeters—oops, I meant Border Patrol Agents—to help release illegal aliens into the U.S. more quickly.

As near as I can tell, the figure is actually 1,300, but the number really doesn’t matter unless there’s a change in policy away from releasing illegal aliens, and back to enforcement.

Newsom claims that “Republicans refuse to act” on immigration. Of course, the Democratic idea that Republicans are refusing to act is framing the issue so that the only way to act is by agreeing with their amnesty attempts. I think that we can predict from this that during the upcoming election cycle, the Democrats will haul out a policy of “give in to our open borders agenda, or we will call you racist and say you are ‘refusing to act.’”

Years ago, I got into an argument with a liberal Border Patrol Agent (there are a few and yes, he was Hispanic), where he decried the Republicans for “refusing to act.” I pointed out to him that saying no and refusing to do an amnesty is too an action, it’s just not the action he wanted.

In closing, although this is a contest between two people who are unlikely to be on the presidential ticket come election time, this presages the war of words that will take place between the candidates (likely Trump against Biden, but it’s also likely that one or both drops dead between now and then). The Democrats will be championing the long-winded amnesty laboriously named Comprehensive Immigration Reform. They will accuse Republicans of “refusing to act” because the only action in their minds is to give in to their will and open the border.

For the Republicans, we all know that the candidates will talk tough about the border. The question that will come up for them is who has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and enforce the law as the mainstream media accuses them continuously of racism, fascism, xenophobia, and just being big meanies.

P.S. When it came time to run this article, the original YouTube video I was going by got taken down, possibly by a Fox News copyright claim. I tried using a longer one, but interestingly, they scrubbed the immigration portion of the debate entirely.

In fact, the second video is very anti-DeSantis, which may be why they took out the immigration portion. What gives me the idea that it’s anti-DeSantis? Well, here’s what the YouTube site looks like, you be the judge.

Perhaps this should be a lesson to Republicans on what their strongest issue is, and what the Democrats’ weakest issue is.



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