Romney's White Vote Share: Rasmussen 57%, National Journal 55%
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The National Journal poll, published this morning, shows Obama 47% Romney 47% amongst “likely voters”. It partially discloses the racial breakdown: Romney 55% of the white vote, Obama 81% of the “nonwhite” vote.

The Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll for the 2cnd has Obama 49% Romney 47% (previously 47%/46%). The white vote split is unchanged at 57%/39%.

The Gallup Tracking poll for the 2cnd reports Obama 49% Romney 45% (previously 50%/44%). Gallup has not disclosed its racial background breakdown.

The Real Clear Politics average for the 2cnd  was Obama 49.1% Romney 46% (previously 49.1%/45.6%).

Even with a deliberately racially divisive President, Romney is showing no significant improvement in his white voter share over John McCain.

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