Romney's Spanish-Language Ad "Soluciones" Sounds Like a Betrayal of GOP Base, But Open Borders/Hispanic Lobby Wants It Removed
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I'd love for someone to prove me wrong about this, but it looks as though Romney is going to betray the GOP base on illegal immigration. (We already knew he was bad on legal immigration).

Team Romney continues to produce Spanish-language ads, which is bad enough in itself. All political ads should be in English.

Check out the content of his latest video ad in Spanish, entitled "Soluciones Para La Inmigración" (Immigration Solutions). You can view the ad here.

Here is the text:

Los liberales demócratas prometieron una reforma migratoria.Ahora los demócratas dicen que nunca se hizo una promesa.

 Como gobernador Mitt Romney trabajó con demócratas para lograr soluciones. Romney y los republicanos lucharán para una reforma bipartidista para re-unificar familias, establecer un programa de visas de trabajo y ofrecer soluciones permanentes para jóvenes indocumentados.

 Necesitamos conservadores que nos unan para lograr soluciones.

What? You don't understand Spanish? I guess this ad wasn't meant for you then!

Well, here's my translation:

The liberal Democrats promised a migratory reform. Now the Democrats say that this promise was never made. As governor Mitt Romney worked with Democrats to achieve solutions. Romney and the Republicans will fight for a bipartisan reform to re-unify families, establish a work visa program and offer permanent solutions for undocumented young people.[illegal aliens].

We need conservatives that unite us to achieve solutions.

All that talk sounds like some sort of amnesty, does it not?

Of course, the Open Borders/Hispanic Lobby is still not satisfied. According to the Huffington Post:

Immigrant rights groups called Thursday for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to stop airing a Spanish-language television ad that debuted Wednesday, calling its claims that he worked with Democrats on immigration reform as Massachusetts' governor and would do the same as president, misleading.

"Romney's ad is a fraud," Frank Sharry, executive director of pro-immigration reform group America's Voice, said in an email. "The only permanent solution we know Romney will advocate is 'self-deportation,' which is code for a purge of millions of hardworking Latino immigrant families."

"Self-deportation" sounds good to me.

Romney vetoed Massachusetts' version of the Dream Act, which would have given in-state tuition to some young undocumented immigrants, Sharry pointed out.

His current views on immigration are also out of line with those of many Democrats. He said he would veto the national Dream Act, which would allow undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children to work toward citizenship, and only allow them legal residence. He also opposes "amnesty" — giving a path to citizenship to undocumented immigrants already in the United States and usually a central tenet of comprehensive reform.

Romney has softened his tone on immigration since the Republican primary, when he advocated "self-deportation," or making life difficult for undocumented immigrants until they leave, as a solution to immigration problems. He said during the presidential debate Tuesday that his statement meant only that undocumented immigrants should have the choice to leave if they wished.

Many of Romney's Spanish-language ads point out — correctly — that Obama failed to enact comprehensive immigration reform as he promised during his 2008 campaign, and that Romney would do better. Romney has said he would begin work on immigration reform before Inauguration Day.

Erika Andiola, an undocumented immigrant and political director of Dream Action Coalition[an illegal alien involved in our political process], said Latino voters won't be convinced by Romney's recent statements.

"After running on an anti-immigrant platform all year, he is now trying to mislead the Latino community without details on a real solutions," she said in an email. "Self-deportation, e-verify, SB-1070, and a military pathway only to residency are not the solutions Dreamers and the Latino community are looking for."

Immigrant Groups Call For Romney To Take Down Ad Elise Foley, Oct. 18th, 2012

Here at VDARE.COM we can’t endorse candidates, we just tell you how dismal the electoral situation is. But what if somebody said to Romney, “Mitt, remember what you said about the 47%? Whatever the actual percentage is, some voters are never going to support you, regardless of what you do or say. So instead of chasing the votes of people who aren’t voting for you anyway, why not go for the people who might vote for you  IF you gave them a reason to vote for you.”

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