Romney's Lead Narrows, White Share Down To 55-56%—Only 50% (!) In Michigan
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The relentless wonkish economism of the Biden-Ryan VP debate isn't like to change much. Typical of MSM race denial, polls of viewer reaction are not broken out by race, although Biden's blustering bullying style probably does appeal to some groups more than others.

The Presidential contenders continue deadlocked, with (not coincidentally) Mitt Romney's share of the white vote stuck in mediocre Bush-McCain range. (More white share comparisons here—scroll down).

Still, some recent state polls underline the white vote's crucial, but undiscussed, role.

National polls:

  • IBD/TIPP tracking poll posted October 12 showed Obama edging back ahead, 46.4%-45.7%. Romney's white share is down a point, to the losing McCain level of 55%.
  • Rasmussen Reports 3-day Tracking Poll, taken before the vice-presidential debate but posted this morning (October 12) now shows Romney back ahead, by one point, 48-47. Rasmussen's premium Platinum subscribers learn that Romney's white share is also back up a point, to 56%—still firmly stuck in the losing McCain range.

State polls reported by Rasmussen:

  • In Florida, Rasmussen reports today Romney now significantly ahead, 51-47. Platinum subscribers learn that Romney's white share is 62%—a pattern commonly found in the South.
  • In Virginia, Rasmussen reports today that Romney is also now ahead, 49-47. Platinum subscribers learn that Romney's white share is 64%.

These large white shares for the GOP are typical of southern states. In Florida, Romney also does relatively better among the non-black category that Rasmussen calls "others," presumably because of the Cuban diaspora. But he still loses this group 37-55.

  • In Michigan, Romney loses to Obama 45-52. But note that Platinum subscribers learn Romney's white share in Michigan is only 50%, vs. 48% for Obama.

Note also that Rasmussen estimates the Michigan electorate to be no less that 82% white.

In a sane world, the GOP would be pondering the question of how it could extend its southern white share pattern to the (much more promising) territory of the North—and the MSM would be full of articles about what would be a devastating development for the Democrats.

I increasingly think these Hispanic Hype stories are just deliberate MSM black propaganda.

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