Romney Quizzed on John and Ken Show
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Most California radio listeners who support borders and sovereignty are familiar with John and Ken, on KFI 640am, who famously stirred up some trouble in 2004 with Political Human Sacrifice to dump a couple of particularly evil elected officials.

On Feb 1, John and Ken presented Gov. Mitt Romney with some non-softball questions on the subject of highest interest to southern California Republican voters — immigration. You can listen to the interview online. (Other recent John and Ken podcasts are available here.)

Gov. Romney clearly has done his homework, and sounds like he grasps what needs to be done. He understands that aliens come only for the money and when the economic magnets are removed, they will stay home. He says he will enforce the border and require employers to check identification via a database.

In particular, Romney states foreigners must not be rewarded for lawbreaking. He says that the illegals must go home, that McCain's idea of allowing everyone to stay forever for a $3000 fine is not suitable for a nation built on laws: "In a nation of liberty, you require the rule of law to pertain, and you just can't have people coming across the border or overstaying their visas and expect the rule of law to exist."

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