Romanians Protest Mega-Mosque in Bucharest
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In Eastern Europe, the people have not forgotten the centuries of brutal Ottoman rule. So when mosques are protested by locals, that hated history is what people do not want repeated.

On Sunday, a group of Romanians assembled to protest a mega-mosque planned for Bucharest

CROWD: (Klaus Johhanis is president of Romania) Johhanis the traitor, Johhanis the traitor…

Pity, pity, pity for the bloodshed, Pity, pity, pity for the blood shed… (i.e. Romania’s 700-800 years of war against the Ottoman invasions)

Church songs (Orthodox Easter is coming soon)

(Banner: We do not negotiate: -Orthodox faith -Family -National identity)

(football songs) Banner: Tepes Program (Vlad Tepes, cruel hero against Ottomans) the list of most important things to do in our future… We don’t want the mosque, We don’t want the mosque…

We don’t want enemies, we want God with us, nobody against us …

(United Romania Party)

PROTESTER: Our message is very clear, we are gathered here on Sunday, to send a clear message to President Johhanis, that our faith is not for sale, our traditions are not for sale. Our common values and faith kept us united in this part of Europe for thousands of years. Romanians don’t want (not even as an idea) a mega-mosque in Bucharest; Romanians don’t want to accept mandatory quotas of migrants in Romania.

CROWD: People praying: Our Holy Father…

Football fans: Olee, olee.. …in Romania, never Ottoman pashalic (Turkish, pashalic=Ottoman province) Olee, olee.

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