Rob Sanchez on Talkback With Chuck Wilder Show, Tuesday, 5/24 1:00 p.m. PST
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Rob Sanchez will be a guest on the Talkback show for one hour with Chuck Wilder on Tuesday May 24 at 1:00 p.m. PST. For live streaming audio go to CRN Digital Talk Radio. An encore show is repeated at Midnight on CRN4. Podcasts of the shows are archived on the CRN website.

To listen to the show, click the box where it says ”now playing, listen live” ”CRN1”. A toll free phone number is provided if you want to chat with us: 1-800-336-2225. Chuck Wilder is nationally syndicated and is broadcast on a variety of affiliates including AM stations, satellite, and cable.

Chuck's Blog:

Rob Sanchez Senior Writing Fellow for Californians for Population Stabilization and author of the "Job Destruction Newsletter" Also writes for VDARE.Com ." Are high tech workers once again in high demand? also a look at Carnivals utilizing both H-2B non-farm visas and J-1student visas in order to employ foreign workers — and of course illegal aliens." ( ( ( Notice to other radio talk show hosts:

I enjoy doing talk radio interviews and have appeared on several of them throughout the country. I am available a wide variety of time slots so please contact me if you would like me to be your guest. To get an idea of the subjects I cover go to the Rob Sanchez Vdare archive.

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