Rob Sanchez On George Putnam Show—1:30 PM PST.
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I will be on the legendary George Putnam talk-radio show on Tuesday May 20. I will be live broadcast at 1:30 PM PST.

Putnam's show is available online in streaming audio which can be listened to at either of these websites:

To listen to the show, click the box on the right where it says "now playing, listen live" "CRN1"

There is a toll free call-in telephone number if you want to chat with us: 1-800-336-2225

This is show schedule:

CRN1 12-2pm PT3-5pm ET (live)

CRN1 8-10pm PT11p-12a ET (replay)

CRN1 12am-2am PT3-5am ET (replay)


I have been on the air with George Putnam many times, but this time the host will be Chuck Wilder who is standing in for George.

We will probably discuss the pending vote by the Senate on allowing an amnesty to be amended to the Iraq supplemental spending bill.

Perhaps if we have time we might also talk a little about fishing. Go to this link if you think you might want to work in the fish business,

Click the picture to see a larger image. Be sure to follow the link to Ryan Kennedy's op-ed to read even more about Alaska's immigration mess.

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