Rob Sanchez on Chuck Wilder's Talkback, August 18th at 1:00 p.m. PST
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I will be a guest on the Talkback show for one hour with Chuck Wilder on Wednesday August 18 at 1:00 p.m. PST. For live streaming audio go to CRN Digital Talk Radio. An encore show is repeated at Midnight.

Last week I was scheduled to go on the show but that show was cancelled because Chuck Wilder couldn't make it that day due to health issues, so this one is on for sure.

To listen to the show, click the box where it says "now playing, listen live" "CRN1". A toll free phone number is provided  if you want to chat with us: 1-800-336-2225.

Chuck Wilder is nationally syndicated and is broadcast on a variety of affiliates including AM stations, satellite, and cable. Go to Chuck's Blog for more information about the show.

We will be talking about U.S. taxpayer funding of job training in Sri Lanka and Armenia, which can be read on Vdare at:

U.S. Taxpayers to Fund Job Training in Sri Lanka

U.S. Subsidizes Outsourcing Industry in Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina

We will also talk about other news topics. During my previous visit on Chuck’s show I talked about the offshoring of the manufacture of the new e-passport. Since then I have uncovered many more aspects of the story that I am writing about in an article to appear soon called "Hacking Passports".

Since I’ll be on the show for an hour there will be plenty of time if you would like to chat with us. Tell us how your job searches are going, and of course anything about immigration, H-1B, or outsourcing is fair game.

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