RIP Nelson Mandela—And The Dream Of A First-World South Africa
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With the death of Nelson Mandela, a tidal wave of schmaltz and sentimental dreck is about to descend on our already beleaguered Republic. Part of this will include the inevitable Conservativism Inc. efforts to pretend that they were actually on Nelson Mandela’s side all along are already rolling in from the likes of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Boehner.

In fact, of course, conservatives at the time, including the now-sainted Ronald Reagan, were suspicious of Mandela and his African National Congress. Margaret Thatcher called the idea that the ANC could rule South Africa a symptom of “living in cloud cuckoo land.” We can look forward to a host of exclamation point laden articles at the likes of Gawker and the Huffington Post pointing out the Beltway Right’s prior opposition to Mandela, to which Conservatism Inc. will respond by feigning ignorance.

The irony is that the American Right was largely correct about Mandela. Though he denied it at the time, we now know that Mandela was in fact a member of the Communist Party and his ANC was funded by a grabbag of Socialist Bloc countries, including the Soviet Union itself. Mandela received training in guerrilla warfare and was imprisoned not because of opposition to apartheid, but because of his plan to unleash a bloody insurgency on South Africa. Even when offered release if he renounced violence, he refused.

Even in power, even after he became a global icon, Mandela was a reliable voice for anti-American charges and harsh criticism of the American leaders who kissed up to him.

Mandela is now benefiting from the "soft bigotry of low expectations" when it comes to black Africa. Unlike Robert Mugabe or other “post-colonial” African leaders, Mandela did not immediately unleash a reign of terror on his political opponents. He even refrained from eating his enemies, unlike, say, Idi Amin. Instead, Mandela simply squeezed the white population of South Africa and feigned polite concern about the opening stages of Afrikaner genocide.

The result is that the Afrikaners were destroyed as a people but enough of them were kept alive to pay the taxes for Mandela’s one party state. However, as the social norms of a former First World country are lost, the quality of life in South Africa is decreasing and those whites who can flee the country largely do. The Boer farmers forced to stay behind because of the concentration of their wealth in the land are brutally slaughtered, to the blithe indifference of the global media.

The legacy of Nelson Mandela is slow motion white genocide and the ruin of a once great country. However, he didn’t kill all his opponents. Implicit in the rejoicing of the Main Stream Media at his legacy is the idea that South African whites deserve to be murdered, but Mandela magnanimously refrained. This should provide a useful lesson for Western whites who are being reduced to minorities in their own historic homelands.

In “post-Apartheid” South Africa, all one has to do to be a civil rights hero is not be too enthusiastic in calling for the murder of whites. If one does kill them, the media won’t praise you… but they won’t condemn you either.

We all must face death, so RIP to Nelson Mandela. He certainly is not the worst leader Africa has produced.

But what no one else will say is: RIP to the Boer farmers being murdered every day, to the Afrikaners attacked in the streets, to the poor blacks savaged by ANC thugs and police...and finally, rest in peace, the dream of a First World South Africa.

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