RIP: Cogswell College-an H-1b Casualty?
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I recently read of the closing of Henry Cogswell College in Everett, WA:
We are saddened to announce the closure of Henry Cogswell College in Everett, Washington. On June 23, 2006, the College’s governing board made their decision to close the college effective August 31, 2006, having concluded that the College is in a financial crisis and that enrollment at the College will continue to decline over the coming year.

Cogswell had a rather interesting and innovative engineering program that had gotten some national acclaim. I'm sad to see them go.

Now, why should Americans be educated when it is cheaper to simply import folks from abroad? That really does appear to be the logic of American business and governmental leadership today—and likely will be until we get a fundamentally different leadership.

Cogswell College is survived by a sister college in Silicon Valley.

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