Rich Galen On The Obama Speech
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Rich Galen has a fascinating take on the Obama immigration speech. His feeling is that the reason Obama decided on this risky course of action is that he's convinced that the House is already lost for 2010, and what he has to do is save his own candidacy for 2012.

Thus, he's throwing the Democratic House of Representatives under the bus.Galen writes

# The problem with bringing immigration up right now is the 70-or-so Democrats running for re-election in behaviorally Republican or swing Congressional districts do not want to talk about immigration in the Democratic cloak room, much less spend the July 4th recess at home talking about it.

# Most Americans, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, disapprove of the way the President is handling immigration (51-39 disapprove)

# According to that same poll, 75 percent don't think the Obama Administration is doing enough to keep illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. and 58 percent approve of the Arizona immigration law.

# It leads me to believe that Barack Obama and his highly skilled political team in the White House have decided that the U.S. House is lost this November.

# If that is the case, then Obama must turn his attention to defending himself against whatever Republican ends up running against him in 2012 and, therefore, has to begin to change the narrative to how much he has done, how good he has been, how much people should return to the promises of the 2008 campaign and ignore the facts.

# It will take a couple of weeks for this reality to sink in to the Democratic House Caucus - that Obama has thrown them over the side of the ship of state for his own purposes - but when they do it is likely to be ugly.

If Galen's right, that will make Obama the third president in a row to lose the House of Representatives.

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