Revenge of the Grass Roots In The WSJ
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Further to Steve Sailer's big Sunday night article at VDARE, below is the most interesting (to me) reader comment—first paragraph, especially—associated with the Wall Street Journal's weekend interview with Kyl.[The 'Amnesty' Canard, By Collin Levy, June 9, 2007] I didn't bother with the interview, but here's the comments page:

Revenge of the Grass Roots Carl Withrow - Manassas, Va. Thank God for the Wall Street Journal and OpinionJournal! Why? Because in less than 24 hours, Ms. Levy has illustrated better than any other source that what should have been learned from this "debate" was simply ignored. The advocates of forcing amnesty for millions upon millions of illegal Latino immigrants down the throats of America's citizens are as cocky, determined and pushy as they have ever been, if not more so. The Senate has put the Kennedy-Bush-McCain bill off of the desk temporarily. The White House indicates that President Bush may be considering another round of "convincing" congressional leaders to reconsider and pass the bill.

Hence, we are at phase two, or three or whatever, where the smug arrogance, name-calling and elitist condescension continues to ignore and insult what the supermajority of America's citizens are demanding. What should have been learned is that this is not a game in which when one way doesn't work, we just figure out some way to go around the law and the people to get what we want, "we" being the advocates of amnesty for illegal Latino immigrants. What should have been learned in this recent "political storm" is that the people meant what they said when they demanded that this, and all other similar bills, be thrown into the trash where they belong.

What should have been learned is that it took the conservative grassroots movements slightly less than three weeks to do what Hollywood, the liberal media, press and the Democratic Party leadership has been obsessed with doing for over six years nonstop, with little or no success. The grassroots movements brought the White House and its wobbly GOP supporters to their knees. If the Journal wants to mock this as a canard that's fine, but there is zero falsehood in the message that was sent to this "debate" on the idea of giving amnesty to illegal Latino immigrants. Election 2008 will mark the end the career of every politician who fails to abide by the law and respect the will of the American people.

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