Results Are In From The NRCC Immigration Survey
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Just recently, the National Republican Congressional Committee posted a nationwide survey on their website— The 2005 Impact of Illegal Immigration Survey.

Congressional Republicans are designing their legislative agenda for 2006 and the results from this survey will help them prioritize the issue because apparently, none of them actually live in the United know, with the 12 million illegal aliens they mention in their first question!

Hmm...12 million, huh? I wonder if that's a problem for anyone? Maybe we should conduct a survey...

Hey NRCC, I have an idea for your next survey: The 2005 Faith In Your Congressman Survey

1. Do you think your Congressman works for a better America...or for that matter, works at all? 2. Do you think your Congressman could name the country he works for? If not, could he if the question was multiple choice? 3. Have you ever actually seen your Congressman? If yes, was it during an election year? 4. Do you think your Congressman should be re-elected? (If you answered "no" please proceed to question #5.) 5. Do you think you more or less paid your Congressman to ruin America? If yes, what do you think is the appropriate consequence?

a. Make him forfeit any money he earned in office or;

b. Chuck him out of Washington and leave him to wander shoeless in the cold through dangerous back alleys where he is forced to compete with terrifying, well-armed thugs for half-eaten trash can food?

Gee...I feel better now back to the survey results...

A quick thank you to one of my favorite readers/email friends Wesley in Ohio for sending me the survey results which he received in the mail.

Survey Questions with Results:

1. Are you concerned with current illegal immigration levels - today there are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States with as many as 500,000 arriving each year?

Yes - 94.9% No - 4.7% Undecided/No opinion - 0.9%

2. Do you believe uncontrolled illegal immigration poses a security threat to the United States?

Yes - 94% No - 4.7% Undecided/No opinion - 1.3%

3. Do you believe millions of illegal immigrants deserve welfare benefits, free health care and education, and even Social Security benefits paid for by American taxpayers?

Yes - 5.8% No - 92.2% Undecided/No opinion - 2%

4. Do you believe that high levels of illegal immigration are putting fiscal strains on state and local governments, depressing wages for low-income workers, and displacing Americans in the job market?

Yes - 88.1% No - 9.4% Undecided/No opinion - 2.6%

5. Do you support efforts by some lawmakers to offer amnesty, jobs, benefits, even citizenship to illegal immigrants?

Yes - 11.6% No - 83.8% Undecided/No opinion - 4.6%

6. Do you believe in more of a "get-tough" approach to curbing illegal immigration (i.e., closing our borders, denying illegal immigrants benefits, and deporting those caught by authorities)?

Yes - 88.9% No - 8.6% Undecided/No opinion - 2.5%

7. Do you support your Republican leadership's efforts to lead the debate on improving and strengthening our nation's efforts to halt the flood of illegal immigrants into America?

Yes - 79% No - 10.6% Undecided/No opinion - 10.4%

8. Do you believe that illegal immigration is a homeland security issue?

Yes - 90% No - 7% Undecided/No opinion - 3%

Maybe the survey results will be enough to convince Congress that immigration reform has to be the top priority in 2006—a man would have to be in a coma to miss this message in this survey, right? Wait a minute...oh, that's right...yeah, odds are 50 to 1 that Congress blows it.

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