Resisting Immigration Enforcement—"By Any Means Necessary"
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This is from the web page of BAMN—the pro-quota, pro-illegal immigrant group named after the Malcolm X saying "By any means necessary," which for Malcolm meant, at least potentially, a violent revolution, which for BAMN means the occasional mini-riot.[See video]

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) has embarked on a prolonged campaign of kidnapping raids and racist terror. Sometimes with the help of local police authorities, all around the country, they are stealing away women and men from our families and from the streets of our communities.BAMN - Stop the Raids

As for the "racist terror," it is not ICE's fault that most of the illegals are Mexican Indians. Their plan is to cram the left-wing churches with illegals and defy the authorities:

The church sanctuary mobilizations are a way to focus broad media and public attention to our fight to stop the raids. This tactic will test the limits of the authority of I.C.E. If I.C.E. is consistently unable to carry out the arrest and deportation of immigrants taking sanctuary in churches around the country, we can break their will to conduct further raids.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement should not respect the "Privilege of Sanctuary" which does not exist in American law, and which even in the Middle Ages was strictly limited.

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