Rep. Weiner Rewarded For Letting Foreign Foreign Babes Do The Modelling That American Girls Would Be Happy To Do
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Remember Rep. Anthony Weiner (D, NY)?

In case you don't, he thinks there is a shortage of beautiful fashion models in the United States. Weiner hopes to fix the problem by giving about 1,000 P visas to foxy foreign ladies every year so that they can come to our country to strut their stuff in front of adoring audiences. [New immigration controversy: Foreign models may flood U.S.! July 02, 2008]

OK, now let me tell you the downside of the bill: it would free up about an equal number of H-1B visas that could be used to import more programmers and engineers. Some of us, however, consider that a worthwhile sacrifice (LOL!).

Click this link to read additional background on the Weiner bill: Weiner Bill To Import Hot Looking Foreign Babes

On the George Putnam Radio show. Chuck Wilder and I really stiffed the Weiner bill. To listen to the 6/12/08 clip, click this link or download the MP3.

Weiner is running against Bloomberg for mayor of New York, so he needs all the money and luck he can get. So far he is running behind in the polls despite his enthusiasm for importing more fashion models.

It appears that Weiner is attracting a lot of fans in the modeling business, at least judging by the growing number of contributions he is getting from modeling agencies. Cory Bautista of NY Models came up with a $1,500 donation! [Modeling $$ Boost For Weiner , By David Seifman , NY Post, July 18, 2008]

So far Weiner's bill hasn't picked up any co-sponsors so it's unlikely the bill is going to get the thumbs up from Congress. Without the Weiner bill gorgeous foreign fashion models are going to have to compete with engineers for H-1B visas. Of course if they are extra special beautiful, and they can sing, they might be able to use "O" visas. To read how that's done, go here: "O" No! Dorismar Gets An "O" Visa!

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